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STAR Center's 30th Anniversary May 3, 2017, 8:00 am - May 4, 2017, 5:00 pm University Club

Services for Teens At Risk (STAR) Center’s
30th Year Anniversary Research Symposium

An Update on Suicidal Behavior in Youth:  
Causes, Treatment, Prevention

Services for Teens At Risk (STAR-Center) is a program that combines clinical and outreach services designed to combat the problem of adolescent suicide.  It's mission is to offer state-of-the art, responsive care for youth and their families with depression, anxiety, or who are at risk for suicidal behavior, to train other professionals in best practices and to make these practices better through continued research. STAR-Center is committed to the integration of education, prevention, treatment, and research in order to offer the best care for our youth.

The STAR Center’s 30th Year Anniversary Research Symposium is designed for mental health and primary care practitioners to provide the most current information offered by the international leaders in the field of youth suicide.  The symposium focuses on the causes of youth suicide, the best ways to assess risk, and a review of the latest evidence-based treatment and prevention approaches.

This conference is designed to present the latest research and clinical knowledge regarding suicidal behavior on youth to a wide audience. It will be geared towards mental health professionals (psychologists, nurses, psychiatrists, social workers), and primary care physicians.

Click here to view the preliminary program for the symposium.  We also invite you to visit the web site for details about the symposium and its speakers.

Learning Objectives.  At the conclusion of this program, participants will be able to:

  1. Recognize current biological and psychological mechanisms likely to contribute to suicide risk. 
  2. Assess risk factors for suicide risk and use those factors to formulate a safety plan.  
  3. Identify efficacious interventions for the prevention and treatment of youth suicidal behavior.

Continuing Education Unit/Continuing Medical Education Credits.  CEUs and CMEs are available for this symposium.

For more information regarding this conference, please contact:

Nancy Mundy
Telephone: 412-204-9090